Done. Done. And Done.

It is so nice to realize that we are actually getting somewhere. We have done quite a lot since I posted here last time.

Florist - check!

Yesterday I talked to our florist and I think i got a better idea of what I want for my bouquet. Now I just need to choose the colors for the flowers. How on earth am I going to decide that? There are so many shades of white ;) But the important thing is that the florist is booked. I can still change my mind a million times.

Priest and cantor - check!
We have also finally booked the priest and the cantor. The priest doesn't know fluent german (according to herself), but she will be able to read some things in german as well. And we both found her very nice so we booked her!

Invitations - in progress!
The invitations are also almoast done. I promise to show them after we have sent them out to everyone, but for now the design is secret!

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