17 weeks to go

pictures: weheartit


The invitations have been sent this week! And we have already heard that some of you have gotten your invitations already. Exciting! When we are sure that everyone received their invitations, I will show you what they look like. But for now you are just allowed to see the envelopes. Here.


Yesterday we had a meeting with our caterer, our original plans were not working out, so we had to call around to many different caterers in Vasa, and it turned out that many were already booked because we had been waiting for an offer from that one caterer too long. But now we have a caterer that we are very happy with. We are still waiting for the offer though!


Yesterday I also had another wedding dress fitting. I mainly wanted to look for matching shoes and accessories. I found shoes and a tiara, but the veil I wanted was out of stock.


Today we went with Philipp to Salkari to order my ring! It is so beautiful and just perfect!


It has been another very productive week!





p.s. This weekend we will update the blog with traveling and accomodations possibilities!



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