The groom

On Saturday we had an appointment at Boutique Beauty to try on a vest and ascot tie for Philipp. We weren't all that confident that we would find anything, since we hadn't found anything on our trip to Berlin. But it turned out they had quite a good selection of vests and ascot ties.

The vest has to be altered a bit, because it was slightly too big, but that was no problem! I just love that store! They have really good service, and the store itself is so beautiful, filled with even more beautiful gowns.

I also bought my veil on Saturday, they finally had it in stock! I would almost dare to say that we now both have our outfits complete for the big day.

P.s. there will be no pictures of me like this before the wedding, but we thought that Philipp's attire for the wedding is ok to show on the blog! ;)

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