The planning

The weddingplanning is going on at full speed. We have actually done quite much already!

Dress - check!
Suit - check!
Reception site - check!
Church - check!
Photographers - check!
Band - check!
Invitations - ordered

Philipp has told me that he will translate these blog posts into German as well, since we are aware of that the Google translator to German is really not that great. I am also thinking about translating everything into Swedish. Then again I was thinking that all guests who would need a translation, don't use internet anyway. Am i wrong?

We will be mentioning the blog address in our invitations as well, which we will be sending out in February. So from February on we will be updating the blog more often. We will most likely start with useful things such as travel and accommodation possibilities in Vasa.

Swedish: om någon vill att jag översätter alla inlägg till Svenska, säg till!

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