To do in Vasa

Vasa is a summer city, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the city when it is at its best. Sunny and lovely! Below we have gathered a few tips on what you can do to enjoy a summer day in July.

If you are intrested in any of the activities below, please contact us! If you wish, we can join you on your little adventure. Sara is also working at the tourist information at the world heritage Kvarken Archipelago. And she can of course also offer you additional boat tours, kayak tours, nature trails, and everything else within the UNESCO world heritage. Additionally to what is mentioned below. Just contact us!

At nice and sunny weather:

Jannes Saloon

A boat trip to Jannes Saloon in the archipelago of Vasa.

During the trip you will stay at the Granskär island for about an hours, where you can enjoy a meal or just drink a beer on the terrace. The boat takes off twice a day from the inner harbor in Vasa. One at 12 o clock and one at 3:30 PM. The full trip will last about 3 hours. Price: 15 euros for adults, 13 for seniors, 7 euros for kids under 12.

World Heritage Cruises

Replot/Vasa archipelago

A little cruise in the Replot and Vasa archipelago. On Wednesdays and Saturdays at 2 PM. The cruise leaves from the Restaurant Berny's at the Replot bridge. The cruise lasts for about 2 hours. Price: 15 euros adults, 13 euros for seniors and 7,50 euros for kids under 7.

Dates that would suit the wedding guests. (More dates exist)
Wednesday 6th July
Wednesday 13th July


A cruise out to the Valsörarna islands is a very special trip. The cruise leaves from Björköby/Svedjehamn at 11, and will be back around 3:30 PM. Price: 49 euros/person. The price includes the cruise, a guided little walk on the island, coffee and a sandwich. Read more about the Valsörarna Islands here.

Dates that would suit the wedding guests. (More dates exist)
Tuesday 5th July
Thursday 7th July
Tuesday 12th July

Strampen and Faros

For the guests that want to take it a bit more easy we would recommend a lunch or beer at the summer restaurants Strampen or Faros in the inner harbor of Vasa.

At "not-so-nice"

Of course you can do all of the above mentioned activities at rainy days, but they are slightly nicer if the sun is shining.

- If you wish to stay inside, Vasa has many museums you can visit. For example the art museum Kuntsi in the inner harbor of Vasa, or the nature center Terranova.

- A visit to the old Vasa and the ruins is also a nice experience. (Even better with a guide!)'

- Another good idea would also be a guided tour in Vasa. If there are many interested it would only cost a few euros per person. Contact Sara!


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