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Even if our wedding now over, this blog has not been forgotten. We will post pictures in here too. But for now, please visit my blog, where I have a wedding related category with a lot of wedding pictures.

Direct link to the wedding category here.
Direct link to the honeymoon pictures here.

We kindly ask you to not copy or use any of the pictures without our permission.

Information about the bus

Only 11 days left, and I have to admit, I'm getting nervous... :)

I wanted to let everyone know that the bus will be leaving from outside the Hotel Radisson Blu Saturday 9th of July at 3:15pm. And after the ceremony it will continue to the reception.

1 month to go

Today is the 9th of June. Exactly one month left. The weather in Vasa is HOT. Nearly 30 degrees. I've even taken my first swim for the summer today.

Today is also the last day of RSVP for the finnish guests and we still have 20 people who hasn't responded. So if you know you have not RSVP's, please do, since it helps us a lot!

We have everything quite good planned already, but we are having some struggles finding a wedding car! I just can't understand that it is not possible to rent any kind of a nice car in Vasa. I've been contacting some more firms today, but it doesn't look good. I have no clue about what other couples in Vasa do.

Yesterday I had my first gown fitting with the seamstress, some minor changes to my dress will be made. It is slightly too long and big. My next appointment is 1 week before the wedding. I've also already had a trial run of make-up, hair and nails, and everything looks good!

58 days

The time is passing fast. Today only 58 days left to the big day! Our last RSVP date for the german guest was on monday, so if you haven't RSVP's yet please do. It helps us so much in the wedding planning.

I've updated all of the different categories in english and swedish, take a look at the new category "To do in Vasa", or take a look at our "Wedding Party", where you can for example can read about how I got to know my bridesmaid.

I have asked Philipp to translate everything into german, hopefully he will have time to do that during the weekend!

The groom

On Saturday we had an appointment at Boutique Beauty to try on a vest and ascot tie for Philipp. We weren't all that confident that we would find anything, since we hadn't found anything on our trip to Berlin. But it turned out they had quite a good selection of vests and ascot ties.

The vest has to be altered a bit, because it was slightly too big, but that was no problem! I just love that store! They have really good service, and the store itself is so beautiful, filled with even more beautiful gowns.

I also bought my veil on Saturday, they finally had it in stock! I would almost dare to say that we now both have our outfits complete for the big day.

P.s. there will be no pictures of me like this before the wedding, but we thought that Philipp's attire for the wedding is ok to show on the blog! ;)

17 weeks to go

pictures: weheartit


The invitations have been sent this week! And we have already heard that some of you have gotten your invitations already. Exciting! When we are sure that everyone received their invitations, I will show you what they look like. But for now you are just allowed to see the envelopes. Here.


Yesterday we had a meeting with our caterer, our original plans were not working out, so we had to call around to many different caterers in Vasa, and it turned out that many were already booked because we had been waiting for an offer from that one caterer too long. But now we have a caterer that we are very happy with. We are still waiting for the offer though!


Yesterday I also had another wedding dress fitting. I mainly wanted to look for matching shoes and accessories. I found shoes and a tiara, but the veil I wanted was out of stock.


Today we went with Philipp to Salkari to order my ring! It is so beautiful and just perfect!


It has been another very productive week!





p.s. This weekend we will update the blog with traveling and accomodations possibilities!



Done. Done. And Done.

It is so nice to realize that we are actually getting somewhere. We have done quite a lot since I posted here last time.

Florist - check!

Yesterday I talked to our florist and I think i got a better idea of what I want for my bouquet. Now I just need to choose the colors for the flowers. How on earth am I going to decide that? There are so many shades of white ;) But the important thing is that the florist is booked. I can still change my mind a million times.

Priest and cantor - check!
We have also finally booked the priest and the cantor. The priest doesn't know fluent german (according to herself), but she will be able to read some things in german as well. And we both found her very nice so we booked her!

Invitations - in progress!
The invitations are also almoast done. I promise to show them after we have sent them out to everyone, but for now the design is secret!

The planning

The weddingplanning is going on at full speed. We have actually done quite much already!

Dress - check!
Suit - check!
Reception site - check!
Church - check!
Photographers - check!
Band - check!
Invitations - ordered

Philipp has told me that he will translate these blog posts into German as well, since we are aware of that the Google translator to German is really not that great. I am also thinking about translating everything into Swedish. Then again I was thinking that all guests who would need a translation, don't use internet anyway. Am i wrong?

We will be mentioning the blog address in our invitations as well, which we will be sending out in February. So from February on we will be updating the blog more often. We will most likely start with useful things such as travel and accommodation possibilities in Vasa.

Swedish: om någon vill att jag översätter alla inlägg till Svenska, säg till!

The date

It has been quite on this blog now for some time and the reason for that has been that we've just been waiting for confirmation on the date. On 1st of September, today, we could finally book the reception site so today I can officially tell you that we have a date.

Next summer we will get married on the 9th of July!

I've previously mentioned that our date was the 2nd of July, but unfortunately we could not get that date, since it was booked by the town of Vasa already. So actually no one got that date. I have to admit that i am disappointed. But I just have to get used to the thought of this date. Im sure 9th of July will be as good or even better for the wedding, as soon as I get used to the idea. The important thing is of course that we do get married!

My mother was the one who actually went to the office for the booking of the reception site, and even though she went there over 1 hour before they opened she was 4th in line. Luckily no one else of those 3 before her wanted the beginning of July.

This blog will get more active now as we can really start planning! <3


Sandviksvillan (in swedish) or Hietalahden villa (in Finnish), is the place that we want to rent for the wedding reception. The picture above is taken this spring, so the trees are not yet blooming in the picture. But the place is very beautiful with a huge park surrounding it and it has a nice sea view. This is the place.

I am very, very nervous about getting the place, because they have a rule saying that you are not allowed to book it for next summer before earliest 1st September. And I've heard its very hard to get the date you want. But my mother and I have a plan. She will go there and I will call there!

Philipp and I have already decided that we would rather change the date of the wedding, than the place. But I am hoping, with all of my heart, that we will get our date! <3

A Sign

Last weekend when we wanted to show the place that we want to rent for the wedding party to Philipp's parents, we found a very funny sign on the way there. What a coincidence! Only a minor spellingmistake ;)

It must be a sign!


Today - in one year - will hopefully, and most likely, be our weddingday. This is why we have chosen to publish this blog precisely today. Both of us will be updating and writing in this blog. But i am not yet quite sure how much we will reveal for the public before the wedding ;)

This day 2nd of July is a little bit special for us, since it is our anniversary. This year we are celebrating our 4th anniversary in Helsinki on a long weekend trip.

We wish you all very welcome to our wedding blog!

The countdown has begun...



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Wedding Reception

After the ceremony in the Korsholms Kyrka, the reception will be held at the Sandviksvilla. We will offer food, drinks and entratainment. Later we will also have live music.

If you wish to hold a speech or other program during the reception, please contact the bridesmaid Maritza: phone: 046-5606283 or by e-mail.

Information om bussen

Bara 11 dagar kvar nu. Och jag måste erkänna att jag börjar bli lite nervös... ;)

Jag vill påminna alla dem som kommer att åka med bussen till kyrkan att den kommer att gå från Radisson Blu klockan 15:15 på lördagen den 9:e juli. Efter vigseln fortsätter den sedan till Sandviksvillan.

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