The date

It has been quite on this blog now for some time and the reason for that has been that we've just been waiting for confirmation on the date. On 1st of September, today, we could finally book the reception site so today I can officially tell you that we have a date.

Next summer we will get married on the 9th of July!

I've previously mentioned that our date was the 2nd of July, but unfortunately we could not get that date, since it was booked by the town of Vasa already. So actually no one got that date. I have to admit that i am disappointed. But I just have to get used to the thought of this date. Im sure 9th of July will be as good or even better for the wedding, as soon as I get used to the idea. The important thing is of course that we do get married!

My mother was the one who actually went to the office for the booking of the reception site, and even though she went there over 1 hour before they opened she was 4th in line. Luckily no one else of those 3 before her wanted the beginning of July.

This blog will get more active now as we can really start planning! <3

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